Our Traits

Wildlife photography

Get great birdwatching and wildlife photo opportunities At Palo Verde Boat Tours, you will be able to appreciate the wonders of nature. Enjoy the personal touch on a private tour perfect for avid birders and wildlife in a safe and comfortable environment so that you can get as close as possible to this amazing wildlife.

From the Farm to the Table

Here you will taste and see how many of the food products are grown in our very own orchards in a sustainable way. We also offer courses and certifications on sustainable farming practices following some organic products tasting and learning local recipes.

Boat Tour

Explore on a quiet boat tour Palo Verde National Park, one of the most important wetlands of Central America. You’ll delight in exploring Palo Verde’s biodiversity on this half-day tour learning about this unique ecosystem.

Taste Traditional Costa Rica Cuisine

Savor the flavors of Costa Rican food with an immersive gastronomic experience

Here you’ll taste traditional Costa Rican gastronomy with a delicious typical lunch (casado) in our restaurant.

Our self-serving method, allows you to choose whether you want to have certain items. We offer specific menus for people with allergies or dietary restrictions., such as but not limited to:

  • Vegetarian / Vegan
  • Gluten / Lactose / Nut / Egg - Free
  • Diabetic / Keto / Low-Carb - Friendly

Palmed Tortillas

Enjoy the local practice of handmade tortillas.

Learn and enjoy the blue zone lifestyle experience through our traditional recipe for palmed corn tortillas made by hand with ancient techniques and cooked on a wood fire. 

Family Business

Looking forward to welcoming you with joy and love

An original initiative from Marcelo Mendoza and Dalila Cascante, PALO VERDE BOAT TOURS© has been a pioneer in Rural Tourism for more than 30 years. Our commitment is to provide unique and unforgettable trip experiences with the true Costarican family essence.

We thank your visit, for enabling us to provide working opportunities to women and men within our community, while also allowing us to produce and buy local products, supporting the growth of the local economy.

Things To Know First

To get here you will receive an email with the two optional routes you can take through Filadelfia or Santa Cruz.

You will also need :

  • Light, comfortable clothing and safe footwear
  • Insect repellent (especially during winter season)
  • Sunscreen

Rest assured that all of us families working here are delighted to serve and share the warmth of our people, love, food, and the best we have to offer, an authentic and memorable travel experience in Costa Rica.

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