Our Traits

Wildlife photography

At Palo Verde Boat Tours, you are able to appreciate the wonders of nature and we provide a safe and comfortable environment so that you can get as close as possible to the amazing wildlife.


Come enjoy an amazing traditional lunch, experience the joy of watching handmade tortillas and a delicious coffee after your meal.

By boat

The boat tour by itself is enough reason to come to our tour, you are welcomed as part of our family, even if you leave, you will be welcomed back with wide open arms.

Delicious Lunch

Homemade traditional meal from Costa Rica.
  • Fresh food
  • Made the same day
  • Self service experience.

The traditional lunch we provide at Palo Verde Boat Tours is served in a self service manner, this is to leave the option for you to choose whether you want to have certain items.
We can provide specific menus for people with allergies.

Palmed Tortillas

Enjoy traditionally made tortillas.

Enjoy the view of tortillas being made by hand and cooked in a wood fire, and enjoy the taste of the best traditional tortillas.

Family Business

We are a family run business.

An original initiative from Marcelo and Dalila, this tour has been open to locals and foreigners since 1993, we are pioneers in the activity thought the Rio Tempisque.
Palo Verde Boat Tours is our home, family and lifestyle and we want you to feel welcomed here as a part of us.

Things To Know First

To get here you will receive an email with the two optional routes you can take through Filadelfia or Santa Cruz.

You will also need :

  • Comfortable and safe footwear
  • Repellent, since there are mosquitoes.
  • Comfortable Clothing
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